Steel industry

Steel production

Processing of iron ore

  • Every day, tons of raw material are processed in blast furnaces with consequent wear indications throughout the plant. All steel manufacturing processes are subject to extreme long-term and wear-inducing conditions such as high abrasion, thermal and mechanical shock, corrosion, dust etc.
  • Corodur creates products to combat these wear problems that are designed to increase service life-time and reduce operating and maintenance turnaround costs.

Sinter plants

  • Throughout the process of sintering, the plant suffers different types of abrasion. Wether as a result of the different mixtures of coke, limestone and iron ore in the burning process or as a result of the crushing of the sinter cake, each phase subjects plant components to severe wear.
  • Corodur´s specialized metallurgical knowledge allows us to create products to effectively counter wear problems and improve component life significantly.

Blast furnace

  • High temperatures, corrosive fumes and dust and other aggressive chemical actions accompany the melting process, such that all parts suffer severe abrasive, thermal and corrosive wear.
  • Corodur´s highly wear resistant products act as an effective barrier to this high level of aggressive degradation, whatever the combination of abrasion, mechanical and thermal shock and corrosion.

Continuous casting and rolling

  • Within steel production, the transition from liquid to solid state brings with it very strong wear forces due to a combination of thermal fatigue and metal-on-metal friction wear.
  • During rolling, the rollers and other machine parts are exposed to high temperature fluctuations.
  • Over a period of many years, Corodur´s continuous development program has produced products to specially handle these different metallurgical requirements and have since proven to effectively improve lifetime and reduce maintenance costs.

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