• All machinery used in agriculture, especially for working the soil, is subject to a continuous abrasive wear
  • Through the use of Corodur products it is possible for the life of the agricultural machinery and components to increase enormously

Oil presses

  • High pressure and temperatures and pressures encountered during the pressing process cause severe wear of the screw surfaces and channels.
  • With the addition of Corodur products to the wear surfaces, service life can be improved dramatically and that translates into greater productivity of the press, lower downtime ans a significant reduction in operating costs.

Sugar industry

  • Further processing or handling of harvest debris can result in severe wear, requiring the regular replacement or repair of the affected parts. Durability and toughness of these parts can be significantly improved with Corodur products
  • Corodur has developed a special "wet and dry" wire with optimized surfacing qualities that can maintain the hard, rough surface required for the sugar roller to remain effective over longer periods of time.

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