• The shredding of cars is one of the more common forms of steel recycling. The shredder blades are exposed to maximum wear from a variety of materials and therefore requires frequent replacement. The result is longer periods of maintenance downtime. Hardfacing using specially developed Corodur products substantially increases productivity.

Recycling of plastic, glass and building materials

  • As different as the requirements are, a holistic approach to wear protection is desirable to ensure a uniform wear characteristic right across the plant. Corodur is able to tailor wear solutions to achieve this and to provide a significant overall benefit to the operator.


  • The combustion process within a waste incineration plant produces corrosive and hazardous dust and fumes. Downstream scrubbers have the task of cleaning this exhaust air which contains complex, aggressive chemicals and require treatment with Corodur´s special corrosion-resistant alloys to provide resistant durable surfaces and to enable continued safe, efficient operation of the plant.


  • The interior of a combustion chamber is exposed to both erosion and corrosion due to the action of hot fly ash. In severe cases, the critical thickness of the boiler wall can be breached, with resultant costly maintenance due to wear incursion. Wide-scale application of Corodur wires and spray wires provide an effective and long-term solution.


  • Corodur hardfacing of the individual components, shredders, conveyor screws, presses etc., improves reliability and significantly extends downtime.

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