Oil & gas


  • Oil and gas extraction
  • Separation and transportation of crude oil
  • Valve repair and reconditioning
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Raw chemicals


  • Oil and Gas exploration is constantly advancing the limits of trechnology. Deeper wells mean higher pressures, temperatures and more corrosive environments. New materials are constantly being developed to deal with the need for maintaining high performance. corodur stays in step with these requirements by constant advances in R&D to ensure there is always a highly durable and cost efficient solution for the industry.
  • Drill pipes need protection from these harsh conditions while ensuring that casings are not compromised. Corodur has developed special crack-free "casing-friendly" alloys to manage this delicate wear protection balance downhole. Valves need to operate reliably in extremely hot, corrosive and abrasive envirenments. Corodur has developed alloys for these areas that are not just suitable in terms of material benefits but also in terms of cost benefits.
  • Extreme operating conditions prevail in petroleum refineries. Constantly high pressures and temperatures combined with aggressive media attack the metal substrate. Corodur has developed special flux-cored wires to combat wear.
  • Pulverizing and mixing plays a major role in chemical production. High rotational speeds, corrosive forces, all play a part in component wear. Armouring these parts with Corodur wires increases the life of mills, mixers, stirrers and pipes and ensures durability and this in turn leads to consistency of production, higher quality.

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