• Only the best possible wear protection of the mill will guarantee optimum performance and longevity of all components. A holistic approach to the uniform wear of all components within the system will reduce wear and allow longer operating periods and with the added benefit of significant kWh of power saving.
  • Corodur´s many years of international experience puts us in a position to make an accurate diagnosis of Operating Conditions and to prescribe the right products to mitigate any wear the issues encountered.

Rotary kiln

  • This is the pinch point of every cement factory. Failures within this critical part of the processing equipment are lekely to shut down the entire system. High quality, long lasting fixes are required to be made in the shortest possible downtime. Corodur´s range of easily applied open arc wires provide both durability and cost effectiveness.

Concrete processing

  • C ement and concrete are without doubt the world´s universally-used building materials. By its very nature it is both a highly abrasive and corrosive medium and these wear factors act directly and constantly on associated equipment such as mixer paddles, screws, pumps, moulds etc. Production failures of these components and associated repairs are both time cinsuming and expensive.
  • Corodur´s range of high abrasion and high corrosion resistant products greatly extend equipment life-cycle.

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