DIN 8555 | DIN EN 14700
MF 10-70-CGZ | T Fe 15-70-CGZ


Very high C-, Cr-, B-alloyed flux-cored wire electrode for extreme hard and non-corrosive hardfacing against very high mineral wear also at high temperatures. The weld deposit has a ledeburitic structure, bearing many various hypereutectic carbides. A maximum deposit thickness of 6 mm (1-2 layers) is recommended. Hardness Reduction at 400°C app. 5%, at 600°C app. 10%.


coke oven screens, pulverizer hammers

Typical all weld metal analysis %

C SI Mn Cr Ni Mo
5,0 0,8 0,4 38,0 - -
Co Nb V W Fe other
- - - - - B 2,0


Measurement Voltage Ampere




Forms of delivery

Kind Coil BS 300 Coil B 450 Pay off pack -


15kg 25 kg 300kg -

Corodur may change the chararcteristics of the wire without notice. Statements on composition an application are just for the applier's information. Statements on mechanical properties always refer to the all-weld-metal according to valid standards. We recommend the applier to check our products for their special application autonomously.

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